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Step 1 | Imagine

Work with our expert team to imagine your new space with an initial consultation. The team will visit your space, measure it out, take photos, and look for any potential renovation challenges that need to be overcome during the renovation process to make your space the place you’ve been dreaming of.

Step 2 | Design

During the design process the team will establish your new floor plan and any changes that need to be made to maximize the flow and function of your space. You’ll also work with the team to determine color schemes and materials as well as a project timeline and what to expect during the renovation process.

Step 3 | Create

Creating your new space is where the fun and a little bit of dust begins. Our team of experts will make sure all municipal guidelines are followed, including permitting and inspections, to ensure your space is completed in the most professional manner. A final punch list will make sure your new space is completed just as you wanted to maximize your home value!